March 2, 2018

AI is here to help

AI is here to help

AI is ready to do your job better than you! Well sort of. The question is: are you ready to embrace AI in your 9-5?

While robots’ taking over PR roles is unlikely, there are still ways you can use technology or AI to make your life in PR more efficient.

As time is so valuable, and we don’t want to take it for granted, the Orchard account executive team looked into different products or services that could make us more efficient. After creating a shortlist, Emily and I took it upon ourselves to present these time saving services to everyone at Orchard.

Below are a few of our favourites.


Thankfully I’m young enough to not have dealt with cutting out clippings from physical papers and magazines. But measuring PR is still an essential tool for PR teams and CoverageBook brings it into the 21st century.

Coverage Book is a service that creates automated coverage reports for you. You tell it where the coverage is, and Coverage Book will create a report out of your information.

However it’s not as simple as made out to be, you still have to find the coverage and enter the information. But it could still save valuable hours that you would have spent on monthly reports.

Quill Engage

Quill Engage is a platform that displays analytical data from monitoring website traffic.

Quill Engage sends a breakdown directly to a designated inbox with a clean, visually appealing aesthetic and information that is easily understood.

Even though this may sound very dull, the breakdown can give you insights that you had previously never thought about, for example page views, time spent, traffic sources and more that can be compared to previous months.


Even little aspects of PR life can become more efficient and save you valuable minutes. Zapier can automate the smallest task to save time.

For example, when your photographer sends over photos from a recent photoshoot Zapier allows you to create a shortcut so that when the email arrives; the photos are automatically saved into a specified file.

That’s only a small task that needs to be done, but with AI it means this task (and many others like it) won’t be anywhere near your to-do list.

Our conclusion was that your 9-5 can be dramatically changed when letting AI into your life – so until AI deems actual people unnecessary and takes over the world as we know it, we can use these intelligent products and services to assist us in our everyday PR lives.

So let’s all enjoy this ride until that fateful day…

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