October 30, 2009

Blogging and Tweeting

Blogging and Tweeting

Perhaps it’s coincidence, or just serendipitous timing, but the write up of our social media seminar is in the Guernsey Press today – reminding me that I was going to blog about it.

Obviously there is a fair bit of good content online already – if you want to know what we talked about – check out our twitter feed from the 8th / 9th October.

I’m a very keen internet citizen, so when the opportunity came up to put together a session for the CIPR group over here and in Jersey, I jumped at the chance. The brief – to bring someone over with the right expertise, who could talk to the two local groups about social media tools.

So I called an old friend, Andy Gibson.

Our session ranged over a lot of topics (full feed is after the jump), the most common example was twitter, something we use here at Orchard Towers to tell people about our company. One thing Andy said that stuck was that to succeed in promoting yourself online, you need to be remarkable – as in, you need to say (or do) things that people will remark on, will pass on to their friends with ‘hey – saw this and thought it was interesting’ to go with it.

In Jersey we, well, Matt at @wearewebreality, coined the term ‘downsourcing’. The basic premise of downsourcing is that you assign a task (in this case updating twitter) to the person with the most time, rather than with the most expertise (people with expertise tend to have more demands on their time!). I’m sure everyone sees the danger there.

Above all, I think we came to the conclusion that anyone can ‘do’ social media, provided they are social – friendly, responsive and polite for example. Even if you are a commercial, or corporate, entity, people will still engage with you if you take this idea to heart and have a conversation with them instead of pushing advertising at them 24/7. If it is clear there is a personality behind the brand, you’ll be surprised at how close you can get to your customers or clients.

Talking twitter

Andy presenting

The Live Twitter Feeds from both seminars:

Jersey Seminar

  1. #ciprjsy forming special interest groups means we never have to talk to anyone who disagrees with us – this isn’t good!1:58 PM Oct 9th
  2. #ciprjsy transform everything www.yammer.com1:53 PM Oct 9th from web
  3. #ciprjsy presentation – the human intranet http://bit.ly/fS0Kh1:48 PM Oct 9th from web
  4. #ciprjsy twitter is improv, read http://www.keithjohnstone.com/1:36 PM Oct 9th from web
  5. @wearewebreality #ciprjsy define ‘downsourcing’?1:34 PM Oct 9th from web in reply to wearewebreality
  6. quick plug for @gandy‘s book ‘social by social’ #ciprgsy #ciprjsy http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/…1:28 PM Oct 9th
  7. #ciprjsy further reading http://bit.ly/1mAxL51:21 PM Oct 9th
  8. @wearewebreality making point that control is at the heart of engaging with social media successfully1:03 PM Oct 9th from web in reply to wearewebreality
  9. #ciprjsy with the right to broadcast comes responsibility12:42 PM Oct 9th
  10. #ciprjsy looking at www.myhandle.com12:35 PM Oct 9th
  11. @gandy is onto biscuits again12:27 PM Oct 9th
  12. #ciprjsy seminar about to get going, @gandy still looking for a mobile signal…12:08 PM Oct 9th 

Guernsey Seminar

  1. #ciprgsy www.digitalhealthservice.com – so much discussion about social media, we now need a detox…5:57 PM Oct 8th
  2. #ciprgsy www.fixmystreet.com good to use in Guernsey?5:55 PM Oct 8th
  3. #ciprgsy talking about “attention economics” and state benefits for good bloggers5:40 PM Oct 8th
  4. #ciprgsy ‘what can i say that people will remark on?’ pearl of wisdom from @gandy5:34 PM Oct 8th
  5. #ciprgsy opportunity for citizen broadcast – www.talkaboutlocal.org5:30 PM Oct 8th
  6. #ciprgsy if i wanted to sell you biscuits via twitter, how would I do it?4:52 PM Oct 8th
  7. #ciprgsy watching monks… http://bit.ly/md3M94:44 PM Oct 8th
  8. #ciprgsy send us your texts http://bit.ly/aFNFC4:38 PM Oct 8th
  9. #ciprgsy looking at www.helpmeinvestigate.com4:35 PM Oct 8th
  10. #ciprgsy the world is on a social media learning curve…4:29 PM Oct 8th
  11. #ciprgsy social media seminar with @gandy about to get underway in guernsey, follow us for live updates!3:40 PM Oct 8th 

I can’t post everything that we talked about here, if you want more information, read Andy’s book: Social by Social, or drop me a line!

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