March 17, 2022

Boost your SEO with Social

Boost your SEO with Social

Social has proved that it is a valuable channel for promotion, content sharing and communicating with your customers, but did you know that it is also key tool for your SEO efforts? 

In February 2019, Google announced that it would be focusing on E.A.T. While this has nothing to do with food, it has everything to do with producing content that evidences expertise and authority in your subject area. ‘Trusted’ sites are rewarded with higher domain authority which means that you are more likely to come up in a user’s search results when they are looking for information on your specialist topic. 

So, while your shares across social media sites have no official place in SEO rankings, research by CognitiveSEO made some exciting findings. After analysing 23 million social media shares on selected platforms, they discovered a link between social shares and SEO rankings. What this means is that the shares, likes, and comments your posts receive are vital signals that Google and other search engines use to rank your website for expertise, authority and trust or E.A.T. The more people that share your content through social media, the more social signals are generated that indicate your posts are useful to your target audience. 

The key here is being useful. Product promotions and company announcements have their place, but what your users really want is content that speaks to them, helps them, makes them laugh.  

While enormous volumes of content are published everyday, your chances of appearing in a search by a new customer are greatly improved with the right content strategy. Creating quality content with your target audience in mind, builds that connection and that creates loyalty. Your audience will read and share the articles they love with their friends and followers and their followers will do the same, and the circle continues and before you know it you have advocates: happy loyal customers who are delighted to recommend you. 

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