November 16, 2009

Fabulous night…

Fabulous night…

It is the first and only time I have ever begun a news release with the word ‘sex’.

Orchard was involved with a Sex and the City themed party last week, raising money for the Dyslexia Day Centre.

We had been asked to think of ways to jazz up a jumble sale as a fundraising idea. We thought girly, we thought beauticians, clothes, jewellery and handbags. It had to be Sex and the City, combining glamour and clothing with the ultimate girls’ night out.

I think that Carrie and the girls would have been proud. Clobberbox, Joy and Freelove very kindly donated some of their wares and Guernsey’s fashionistas contributed top second-hand designer togs to the cause.

Tracey’s Jewellery had a stall of pretty shiny things and a team of beauty therapists from Shezam painted shoppers’ nails as they sipped their complimentary cocktails.

So the evening was a chance for women to chat, pamper and browse for bargains. And it was a chance for men to enjoy complete dominance over the remote control.

I can’t remember the last time I have seen so many women together. Guernsey Press photographer Steve Sarre and freelancer Chris George both came (at different times) and stuck out quite conspicuously amidst so much oestrogen.

So many women came in fact, that the car park over spilled and people were parking at home and walking back to the Bella Luce.

There had been a few worries. Anyone who has witnessed the mayhem that takes place at the Next sale knows how messy a group of women can get when presented with discounted clothing. But I was impressed with the gracious way ladies went about their shopping. There wasn’t an aggressive elbow in sight.

All in all there was a fantastic buzz about the evening and we raised almost £2,000 for the DDC.

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