March 13, 2023

Looking for more from your social?

Looking for more from your social?

Are you looking to attract more customers, build more customer loyalty and increase your market reach?

While in-house teams have fantastic depth of product knowledge and can inform on brand, a social media agency can bring a more strategic, results-driven approach. Businesses that fail to develop a social media strategy right from the start, posting randomly as and when they have time to with no clear goals in mind may be left wondering why their social media isn’t delivering the results that were hoping for.

Agencies can bring a fresh view. They come with a new perspective and new ideas. They will help you to define your target audience and expand the vision and opportunities for your own brand by creating exciting campaigns, events, and increasing your visibility across social media.

Social media is an ever-moving feast. Keeping track of algorithm updates and incoming technologies like AI is all part of a social media agencies’ day to day role. We live and breathe social media and we bring all that knowledge to each and every client, big and small.

An agency will also keep an eye on new platforms and think about what strategies would work best to help your business thrive on the respective platforms. TikTok probably wasn’t even on your radar as a useful social platform for enterprise business, but our recent Insights survey revealed that 32% of Channel Island businesses are now on TikTok. With more channels are coming online and an increase in the use of YouTube and Pinterest for marketing communications, the challenge for small teams is how this demand for constant content is going to be met.

With an ever-growing to-do list, in-house teams find it hard to post fresh, engaging content on a regular basis. Consistency and frequency are key elements of any social media strategy. To build trust and followers, it is vital that your channels are regularly refreshed with meaningful content aimed at reaching your target followers.

A social media agency can protect the reputation of your brand. Every message, comment, and review left on your social channels has the ability to impact your organisation for good or bad. Social media managers are alert to issues that may impact your organisation and have all the processes in place for dealing swiftly and professionally with them. They will know exactly how to represent your brand and solve potential issues.

Lastly, your agency will keep you informed on how your social media channels are performing against your business goals. It’s not just about counting likes or followers, setting clear goals for your social media and reporting on those on a regular basis so that you know what’s working and more importantly, what isn’t. Social media is an extension of your customers’ experience and a comprehensive strategy coupled with expertise in day to day management will attract, retain and engage your audiences and impact positively on both your reputation and your bottom line.

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