February 13, 2020

Love It or Loathe It: The Most Bizarre Valentine’s Day PR Stunts

Love It or Loathe It: The Most Bizarre Valentine’s Day PR Stunts

Whether you believe love deserves to be celebrated or think it’s just a commercial cash grab, there is no doubt that businesses can do very well on the back of Valentine’s Day. However if you are not a jeweler, florist or chocolatier, it’s also a time when you need to get creative and push the boundaries of traditional gifts in order to be relevant.

We’ve rated 5 of this year’s quirkiest and most original Valentine’s Day PR stunts – which is your favourite?

Coors Light Says ‘Dogs over Dates’

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The beer company Coors wants young singles to ditch the romance this year in search of a far more dependable and long-term companion. They will be contributing $100 to 1,000 lucky new dog owners between 4th and 21st February who text “COORS4K9” and a picture of their adoption receipt to 28130.

Of course we are in love with this campaign! What better way to cure loneliness (or expand your family) than to provide an adorable animal with a caring home. Coors Light has definitely gotten into the spirit of generosity for this amorous period.

Our heart rating: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

KFC Propose A Bucket Ring

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Deliveroo and KFC are marrying up this Valentine’s Day to surprise unsuspecting other halves who thought they were only getting a simple takeaway date night with a limited-edition bucket ring.

While some might see the funny side, we are giving this one a thumbs down. It may be ideal for lovers on a budget, yet no one can say that much thought or time is required to present this gift to a partner. Besides, who wants a bit of plastic covered in chicken grease?

Our heart rating: ❤️❤️

Burger King Launches Breakup Box

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In support of Harley Quinn during her breakup with The Joker in Warner Bros’ film “Birds of Prey”, Burger King is exchanging free Whoppers for customers who dump old couple selfies, love letters and gifts that did not age well in a Breakup Box.

Although perhaps a little vindictive, we can see the cathartic benefits of such an idea. Valentine’s Day can be difficult for the heartbroken, so we approve of this opportunity for closure. Who is it hurting anyway?

Our heart rating: ❤️❤️❤️

Love-Gone-Wrong Tweets Lining The Tube

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People’s worst love affairs captured in less than 280 characters are plastered over the walls of London’s tube stations – to make you feel a little bit better about your own relationship mishaps. From confessions and cringe-inducing stories to very questionable advice, all are painstakingly relatable.

Twitter have done an amazing job with this one. Even happy couples have experienced some of the awkward and humiliating incidents in these Tweets, meaning there is something for everyone to identify with. After all, when love fails, humour prevails.

Our heart rating: ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Aldi ‘Hearts’ Their New Sausages

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It looks like Aldi has trodden a well-worn Valentine’s path by releaseing a heart shaped Lorne sausage so you could wake up your significant other with a special breakfast this morning.

Is buying heart shaped food romantic and special? We disagree – these meaty mains are one slice of cheese away from being too much to stomach.

Our heart rating: ❤️

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