March 10, 2022

National Careers Week – giving students a glimpse into the world of communications

National Careers Week – giving students a glimpse into the world of communications

“Get stuck in, don’t be afraid to ask questions and do as much as you can.” That’s the advice from our recent work experience students following placements here at Orchard. It’s important for us to invest in our young people, and each year we give students a glimpse into the communications world. As part of National Careers Week, here’s how Lydia, Esme and Chloe helped at Orchard: 

Lydia, Esme and Chloe have shared more about their work experience at Orchard below: 

  1. What interests you about the communications industry?

Chloe Presland: “The part that most interests me is how everyone works together to encourage each other’s creativity and originality. Also, being able to work with a variety of different clients from various fields offers up the opportunity to meet and talk to new people every day, which is something I seek in a job.” 

Esme Farrell: “The variation of work and clients makes the industry appealing. Also, gaining a deeper insight into the business side is helpful as I can apply techniques to my studies at school and personal knowledge which will be helpful in later life.” 

Lydia Datta: “I enjoy the variety in interactions due to the difference in clientele, connecting with a wide range of people and personalities. I find it interesting how you have to adapt to different situations.” 

  1. What did you learn about the communications industry that you didn’t know before?

Chloe: “I realised on my first day that I knew considerably less than I had previously thought. I got to grips with some of the many reasons that companies and businesses may need communication support.” 

Esme: “I didn’t realise how adaptable the communications industry is from client to client. There is no set plan/way of doing things, and this flexibility means the work can be tailored to what works for that client.” 

Lydia: “I learnt how constantly changing and adapting different projects are depending on the media and relationships with clients.” 

  1. What type of work did you do?

Chloe: “I worked on press releases, TV clippings, social media and blog posts. I also sat in on various meetings about ongoing projects and clients.” 

Esme: “Media clippings, social media captions, writing articles/news releases, assisting with filming and scouting for influencers.” 

Lydia: “I worked on media clippings, captioning social media posts, press releases, researching influencers and using Canva to make infographics and social posts. I also sat in on various meetings and a video editing session.”   

  1. What would you recommend to others seeking work experience in the communications industry?

Chloe: “Get stuck in. Don’t be scared to ask questions or ask if anyone needs a hand with anything. Everyone in the office will be working on different things, so the more assistance you can give, the more you’ll learn.” 

Esme: “If you enjoy writing, have good research skills, an interest in businesses and enjoy communicating with various people, then go for it.”   

Lydia: “Engage in all tasks and try to learn how to improve/approach the task from those around you. Do as much as you can and ask if you are unsure.” 

  1. What three words would you use to describe your experience?

Chloe: “Welcoming, productive and team-orientated.” 

Esme: “Insightful, educational and valuable.” 

Lydia: “Perceptive, constructive and collaborative.” 

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