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5 ways to improve your LinkedIn profile for 2023

Social Media Marketing
by Emily Chapman
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We all know that LinkedIn is unlike other social media platforms, it’s a place for business professionals to meet like-minded people while showing off their impressive expertise. It’s built a solid reputation having been voted the most trusted social media platform for the last five years. 

With 830 million users on the platform and 58 million companies registered, it’s the perfect place to help you get ahead and connect with people that are going to boost your career. 

But among these 830 million users, how are you going to get your profile seen? Well, we’re here to help with our 5 simple tips to make your profile more visible, engaging and up-to-date.  

  1. What is my Social Selling Index (SSI)? 

If you haven’t heard of LinkedIn SSI, it’s a measurement tool that LinkedIn produced to help quantify the value of your social selling efforts. It’s broken down into four skills that are each worth 25 points to give you an overall score.  

 These four sections include: 

  • Establish your professional brand – Which means how complete is your profile and are you publishing meaningful content within your industry? 

  • Find the right people- Are you searching out the right people to connect with? 

  • Engage with insights – Are you sharing engaging content and interacting with others? 

  • Build relationships – Are you nurturing your network and building relationships with the decision makers? 

If you have an overall score over 70 then well done, this means you are at the top of all social sellers on LinkedIn. If you are between 30 and 70 this is still good but anything under 30 is considered poor. 

Think about these four areas when using the platform. 

Check your SSI score to see how you’re doing.

  1. Be a LinkedIn creator 

 If you haven’t already, make sure to turn your creator mode on! This gives you access to Live video, creation of your own newsletter and a follow button. 

  1. Comment, comment, comment! 

Comments are so important on any social media platform but especially on LinkedIn!Posts that spark discussion will help your posts to rank higher in a news feed. Likes are old news, it’s all about comments. 

  1. Consistency is key 

You need to stay consistent. The more often you post consistently, the more LinkedIn rewards and pushes your content to the top of people’s feeds.  

  1. 10 minutes is all you need 

Build in 10 minutes a day to look at your LinkedIn, to interact with posts and to create your own content. This will certainly help to boost your Social Selling Index score.  

It’s time to raise your profile or risk getting left behind. Get in contact to find out about our bespoke training options to help you elevate your profile further and keep up with the constantly evolving social media landscape.  

Emily Chapman
Emily Chapman

Account Manager

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