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Amplifying 50 years of Pride with Liberate

Campaign Activation
by Orchard News
Published on
CI Pride parade 2022


Orchard believe in communications as a force for good. In 2022, Orchard volunteered its expertise to support Liberate’s Pride event in Guernsey as the official publicity partner, working alongside Mantra who devised the creative strategy and assets for 2022.

Liberate aims to include, inform and support the LGBTQ community across the Channel Islands. The 2022 Pride was special for two reasons – it was a celebration of 50 years since the first Pride protests in London and as recent Pride celebrations had been disrupted, due to Covid, it needed to come back bigger and better.

Orchard’s mission was to:

  • Amplify Pride – create a buzz around the event, increase attendance on the previous Pride event and promote the various fringe events surrounding Pride. KPI – gain 40 pieces of coverage and increase attendance by 10% from 2019.

  • Highlight 50 years of Pride – while Pride is known for rainbows and glitter, it’s important to remember how far the movement has come and how far there is still to go. Orchard set out to ensure the purpose of Pride wasn’t forgotten. KPI – include this key message in 80% of pieces published to the media and create a social media campaign showcasing the movement’s milestones gaining at least 3,000 reach.

  • Raise the profile of the work Liberate do – Beyond Pride, Liberate do so much for the LGBTQ community. Orchard aimed to publicise who Liberate are and what they do. KPI - create a social media campaign gaining at least 800 reach.

Islanders hold 50m pride flag through St Peter Port to celebrate CI Pride 2022

Photo by Jackson Chambers Photography


Media coverage had a total reach of 86,226,762 across 10 outlets including two national papers. 94% of coverage aligned with one or more of the key messages.

Coverage highlights include Liberate’s CEO Ellie Jones being quoted on in an article about whether there is still a place for the Pride flag, promotion of C.I. Pride in the Evening Standard, an eight page spread in the Guernsey Press and the Jersey Evening Post, a double page spread interview with Ellie in EnVoyage, a front cover and page 2 story in the Guernsey Press, a double page spread of images from the day and all of Guernsey’s broadcast media featured Pride on the day. ​

Crowds cheer for performer at the Channel Islands Pride celebrations

Photo by Jackson Chambers Photography


Daily social media management and content creation.

65 posts were drafted achieving:

  • 101,855 reach on Facebook (on 61 posts) 

  • 13,065 reach on Instagram (on 44 posts)  

  • 25,952 impressions on Twitter (on 52 posts)  

  • In total 33,504 visits to the CI Pride and Liberate social channels between June 16 - October 3. 


6 videos were created and gained: 

  • Reactions: 232 

  • Comments: 40 

  • Shares: 21 

  • Reach: 4,284 


  • All KPIs were exceeded.

  • 7,000 people attended Pride – 17% increase from previous year (KPI exceeded). Over 800 people attended the fringe events. The pool party reached capacity and the After Party sold out.

  • The social media campaign showcasing the movement’s milestones gained 4,520 reach, exceeding the KPI of 3,000.

  • The social media campaign around the work Liberate do gained 2,524 reach, exceeding the KPI of 800.

  • Of the 49 pieces of coverage - 46 helped to amplify Pride, exceeding our target KPI of 40 pieces of coverage by 15%. 40 pieces (82%) of coverage highlighted 50 years of Pride which exceeded our KPI of 80%.

  • There were 5k visits to the Channel Islands Pride website and in the lead up to Pride, the Liberate website had a 67.5% increase in users compared to July.

  • The anti-discrimination law was passed – with so much excitement created around Pride, the momentum added further pressure to legal decision makers to pass the new law. Orchard also provided ideas to Liberate to help encourage people to sign the petition. Promoting how far the movement has come and how far there is to go through educational messaging on social media, in news releases and via video, adding further impetus and impact.

Hear from Liberate's CEO, Ellie Jones, about how Orchard helped them make an impact in 2022.

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