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Introducing our newest PR stars

by Orchard News
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New starters

Team news! We’re very excited to have taken on three new recruits.  

We're thrilled to announce the dynamic trio who recently joined the Orchard team.  Meet Chanelle Lanoe, who has joined the team as Junior Account Executive; Eva James, and Chloe Presland, who have joined us as Account Executives.  


Chanelle joins Orchard in a trainee role, where she's diving headfirst into the world of PR as a Junior Account Executive. Her creative and digital arts background, coupled with a passion for design and all things social media, ensures she's well-equipped to craft visually engaging content for our clients. Beyond the office, Chanelle channels her creativity into personal projects, from crochet to design and drawing. 


Chloe brings 18 months of journalistic experience and a deep passion for current affairs to her PR career. After globe-trotting for six months, she is already applying the connections and knowledge she's gained from the world of media to her new role at Orchard. 


Eva has a knack for languages and a love for literature. Her career path includes roles as a language teacher and freelance translator. She brings her language skills and customer service know-how to Orchard, where she's passionate about fostering strong client relationships and injecting creativity into her work. 

Get to know our new hires better by reading through their answers to these PR (or not) based questions!  

Where do you get your news each day? 

Chanelle: I check news websites as well as use social media – all day, every day. You could say I use it a little too much!  

Chloe: I listen to the News Agents podcast and The Rest is Politics every day, and check the Guardian and Independent each morning. I use social media to access less mainstream news outlets like Novaramedia.  

Eva: Mostly just local news sources and the BBC, but sometimes I check out The Independent. I like CNN for international news.   

What are you reading at the moment? 

Chanelle: I am not currently reading anything but have just bought How (Not) To Be Strong by Alex Scott, I’m a huge fan of women’s football so I am really excited to start reading it. 

Chloe: I have three books on the go at the moment - A History of Loneliness by John Boyne, Politics on the Edge by Rory Stewart and Finders Keepers by Stephen King.  

Eva: I recently finished Peter May’s The Lewis Trilogy, crime novels set in the harsh isle of Lewis, and have just started The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah. I binge read romcoms in between grittier reads.  

Best thing so far about working at Orchard? 

Chanelle: How supportive the team is.  

Chloe: The people! It's a fun and super supportive environment.  

Eva: I’m enjoying the variety of work and how friendly everyone has been.  

Cats or dogs? 

Chanelle: I prefer cats as I have 3 of them (Missy, Tequila and Chicken), but my mind may change when I'm allowed to get a dachshund.  

Chloe: Cats 

Eva: Dogs, specifically Labradors, specifically my lab Myla.  

What's your all-time favourite movie or TV-show? 

Chanelle: My all-time favourite movie is Me Before You and my favourite series would have to be Grey’s Anatomy.   

Chloe: Favourite movie would have to be The Grinch, favourite TV show would have to be The Office. 

Eva: Not to be that pretentious language student, but I love Amélie, and for series it’s got to be The Office (US) or Fleabag.

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