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PR agency life - What's it really like?

by Orchard News
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In June, Elizabeth College student Harry Snell joined us for work experience, to see what a PR agency is really like first hand. When the week was up, we asked Harry to give us his honest take on comms agency life. Was it really as expected? Here's what Harry had to say...

I can wholeheartedly say that Orchard PR is the best work experience placement for a 17-year-old student, such as myself. At the start of the week, I arrived expecting to expand my knowledge of media and PR; I left knowing a whole lot more. Here’s what I learned:

The term ‘Public Relations’ is more than representing clients online; it’s about establishing and reinforcing behavioural changes in the public through their clients. Throughout the week, I’ve been involved with projects promoting sustainability, fundraising for charities, and other positive behavioural changes. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed taking part and helping to make a difference in the community.

The days have been varied, from internal meetings to client calls – I was even asked for my ideas on the projects!

The inclusiveness of Orchard is outstanding, and it would seem, the reason for its success. Each member of the team’s opinions, including mine, are always acknowledged, leading to an array of wonderful brainstorms for projects.

It’s very easy to suggest ideas at Orchard. The friendship shown is unequivocally strong, and this is obvious through the general office chat, smiles when working together, and the lovely acts of kindness they show to each other (such as bringing in cake!). Orchard even hosts regular ‘Staff Socials’ for the team to bond. The effects of this are clear: the team are eager to work together and thus more efficient.

The team, and I during this time, are all motivated through praise. I was lucky enough to witness an award ceremony where the best employee every quarter of the year is recognised with a trophy and a gift voucher of the winner’s choice. As well as this, everyone is genuinely grateful for each other’s work; this is shown through the continuous praise every time a piece of work is submitted. This makes Orchard an exciting, relaxing, and overall nice place to work.

One thing I was concerned about when starting was being in an office all day – this concern was quickly eradicated when I discovered that Orchard is more than an office job. There’re regular meetings, lunches with clients, and pro-bono opportunities that got me out of the office and involved with other activities. This was very refreshing and made me excited to go into work every day, knowing I would tackle something new.

Orchard has been an incredible work experience opportunity for me.  I now have knowledge in all aspects of the media, as well as feeling I’ve adapted my skillset, which will stay with me forever. Thank you, Orchard.

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