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by Brooke Kenyon
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To be able to provide the right energy, focus and creativity for client campaigns, communications agencies need to be clear with their teams and clients about what they stand for. It is for this purpose, and to drive our own business advantage, that Orchard has spent time thinking about its own vision and value proposition. And here it is:

We believe in communications as a force for good.

To deliver this vision we are making some changes, introducing a new model focusing on digital, social and PR.

Our three branches mean increased responsibilities for our senior team, allowing the agency to cater to more clients. Mike will continue to lead Orchard’s digital team, Harriet will head our newly created social branch of the agency, and we’ve named Dan head of PR.

We’ve been working hard to truly understand the changing client demand in our market, and this move is the latest evolution of Orchard, since the MBO in 2017.

Communications work is at its most effective when it’s strategically planned and encompasses all the forms of media at our disposal. But we’re having more conversations with organisations who want to work with us for individual projects using specific channels. Those who outsource their marketing and PR work need a flexible approach, and our new model offers exactly that.

Mike has proved the value of a service-led approach through his team’s work over the past two years and our video and podcast production output has truly hit another level. We’re confident that Harriet and Dan will replicate this success in their branches.

It’s widely recognised that agencies are trusted advisors when it comes to interpreting the fast-moving world of social media data and Harriet is the perfect person to inject creativity into our more B2B-focused work, and strategy into our consumer-focused projects.

PR of course remains our heartland but the industry has changed enormously even in the past five years. In 2021 it’s not enough to push out news, we need to pull audiences in via insight, participate in conversations and consider thematic drivers like authenticity of voice, compliance factors and sustainability. Dan is the ideal choice to lead this team as he’s a career PR professional with strong journalist relationships and an intelligent approach to identity, messaging and reputation.

We’ve been a market leader in the Crown Dependencies for 25 years and this restructure will keep us in pole position. We are giving the islands’ organisations clarity that they can come to us for more than traditional media relations. Our digital, social and PR branches will work together to go beyond storytelling for our clients and drive positive change, business growth and long-term value for them.

Expertise, creativity and integrity are our team’s hallmarks and this restructure embraces those traits and enables our senior team to prioritise their specialist areas while continuing to work in the collaborative environment that has been such a key component of our success.

We are a team with a bucketload of ambition. We plan to keep setting the bar high and exceeding it - for our agency, for our team, for our clients, and for the greater good.

Brooke Kenyon
Brooke Kenyon

Managing Director - Strategy & Agency Growth

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