November 4, 2009

Now, that was a good idea . . .

Now, that was a good idea . . .

Is it something in the sea air (particularly full of sea at high tide in this morning’s gales), that gives Guernsey people the drive, ambition and determination to succeed? Or something buried deep in our entrepreneurial heritage?

Last night’s “Schroders Bright Ideas – The Final” event was a tremendous opportunity to celebrate the enterprising spirit that surrounds us, perhaps disproportionately for a community of 60,000 or so on 24 square miles of rock.

What makes a busy surgeon spend his precious leisure time as an inventor – striving to find a way to bring pain relief to patients in an innovative, non-invasive, way? And, why does an accountant with a young family  work into the early hours each night perfecting his LegBefore.Com online cricket resource centre?

It’s part of that tenacious Guernsey donkey “Je ne sais quoi” that one comes across again and again in the island.

Consultant orthopaedic surgeon Ranjan Vhadra won the £5,000 prize last night but there were no losers among the seven finalists.

All of them had a 10 minute elevator pitch in front of an audience of 500; they, without exception, credited the mentors who have taken time to help hone their ideas; they all attended workshops with leading business advisers in various fields and they have benefited from the word of mouth endorsement and media coverage that the competition has attracted.

For the audience it was an evening’s entertainment. For the entrepreneurs it was a further step towards realising their dream and achieving ultimate success.

Well done Schroders for prompting this latest outburst of entrepreneurial energy. Orchard was proud to be involved and we look forward to more of the same next time . . . .

Posted by Steve.

For more photos of the event, see our gallery of bright ideas.

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