September 30, 2010

Orchard is 14 today!

Orchard PR is 14 years old today – quite grown-up really! Over that time we’ve pooled some of the best PR talent in the Channel Islands and nurtured entrants into the PR world to go on and do great things. I’ve been reminded by photographer Chris George, who has worked with Orchard since the start, that in 1996 we emailed a picture out for the very first time. Since then the media has changed almost beyond recognition: blogs like this one were virtually unknown, let alone networks like Facebook, Twitter et al with millions of users.

A lot has changed since I cut a lonely figure in my team of one, honing my plate spinning skills, answering the phone, making the tea and buying the toilet rolls! I still sometimes do all of those things because Orchard is a team with little hierarchy and I’m proud of what it’s grown into – a loyal and committed group of professionals who depend on each other to excel for clients. And clients of course are the focus of everything we do. It’s thanks to them that we’re thriving and enjoying challenging and rewarding projects. We owe them the best that we can do and I’m sure we’ll continue to deliver for many years to come.

Posted by Steve.

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