December 13, 2021

Best PR Campaigns of 2021 – part 2

Best PR Campaigns of 2021 – part 2

Welcome to part 2 of the Best PR Campaigns of 2021. We’ve already heard from half the team on their favourites, so below are the rest of the team’s responses:

Harriet Black – Head of Social

One of my favourite campaigns of 2021 has got to be the Norwegian Airlines flag ad. Why? Simple, clever creativity! The airline used its native flag to promote several destinations that it flies to by showing the various countries’ flags hiding within it. Design genius.

In pandemic times, when travel has started to feel like a distant dream, it’s a thought-provoking and conversation-starting way to get people thinking of their next adventure.

Dan Gallienne – Head of PR

Inclusivity and representation are huge topics for the media sector, and Channel 4 embraced its USP in 2021 by launching its #altogetherdifferent campaign. The eye-catching TV advert showcased some of the broadcaster’s best-known shows and highlighted the diversity and quality of its output. An important message, communicated with impact. As Channel 4’s head of marketing, Zaid Al-Qassab, commented: “this new film marks an important first step in a longer term campaign reminding viewers that Channel 4 is the destination for diverse, alternative, British content that they love.”

Sophie Gallienne – Account Executive

WIT [Whatever It Takes] is a global online multi-brand retailer and CrossFit training brand. The WIT 2021 summer campaign – ‘Training is for EVERYBODY’ – brought together 22 of the #TeamWIT athletes to share their #ITrainTo stories, where they shared their motivation for training. The series of video interviews was distributed across the athletes’ social media platforms with these goals:

  • To show that fitness doesn’t look a certain way.
  • Our goals and the routes we take to reach them vary.
  • There is beauty in every path.
  • Fitness should be for all.
  • Training is for EVERYBODY.

As a CrossFit and digital content enthusiast I felt this was a very effective campaign and an excellent example of how digital content and social media can work together to create a successful PR campaign. The ‘Training is for EVERYBODY’ campaign had: an inclusive audience; influencer driven content; and clear hashtags ‘#TeamWIT’ and ‘#ITrainTo’ – all these aspects contributed to its success.

Brooke Kenyon – Managing Director, Client services

So many campaigns this year have set out with the objective of raising awareness of climate change and hopefully driven the all-important behavioural change.

Social media was, as expected, awash in the weeks leading up to COP26 with (in my opinion too many) brands trying to hang their hat on this global moment. It worked for brands who were being true to their purpose, those who genuinely had a reason to be part of the conversation and that could demonstrate they lived the values they were pushing.

The campaign that stayed with me, launched on the eve of the climate conference from the United Nations Development Programme.

An impactful video of a dinosaur, voiced by Jack Black, showing up at the conference and telling attendees that ‘going extinct is a bad thing and driving yourself extinct is ridiculous’ reached over 1.9m views. 121k people like the video and it doesn’t have a single dislike. The early moments have Jurassic Park vibes, the dinosaur pushes a message of action on the COP26 delegates announcing this is ‘humanity’s big chance’.

I loved the video, showed it to my primary school-age kids, who had been talking a lot about climate change at school around this time – they watched it 5 times! What I loved even more when I dug a little deeper was the resources the UNDP had created as part of the campaign – aiming to ‘make the overwhelming amount of climate change information easier to digest’.

My favourite was ‘Thesaurus Rex’ – part dinosaur, part Google Chrome plug-in, he decodes complicated climate terms; a book for kids to use to arm them with the information they need to talk to their parents about why grown-ups need to phase out fossil fuels, and an Instagram filter empowering users to ‘be a megaphone to shout about climate change’.  A ‘global mindpool’ on the website is crowdsourcing information asking them to state how much they think their country should act on climate. No doubt we will see the stats from this intel used as part of the next stage of their campaign. Clever stuff.

Mike Wilkins – Head of Digital

Changemakers is a video-led campaign for LinkedIn aiming to amplify the voices of LinkedIn members challenging the status quo. It is championing a more inclusive, equitable and sustainable working world. Amid all the noise we encounter every day, these thought-provoking videos caught my attention. Many of the videos are set in a typical office setting but brought to life by the personalities who work in them. Going from a UK-only social influencer initiative to an international multi-market brand campaign, it has proven very successful. We are all aware of how difficult it can be to be your true self on social platforms for fear of judgement and negativity. I found this campaign refreshing to hear how people are empowered to speak out about what’s important to them. It’s a conversation for change.

That concludes our wrap-up of the Best PR Campaigns of 2021, we’ll see you in 2022 to create even more impact!

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