June 24, 2021

PR still Orchard’s heartland

PR still Orchard’s heartland

When we decided to overhaul the way we talk about our services and ourselves there was one thing that was never in doubt: PR is our heartland.

Of course the way we provide PR has changed; the proliferation of social media and the fact that so much of our lives are digital means that the channels we once relied upon have had to adapt. And we’ve adapted with them, as the creation of our digital and social branches shows.

But for the vast majority of our clients the tenets of good public relations are why they work with us. They want to shape identities, share messaging and sustain reputations, regardless of which channel is best to do that.

Press relations is still a large part of what we do at Orchard so I caught up with the editor of The Guernsey Press, James Falla, to talk about what PR means in 2021.

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