November 4, 2010

PRCA National Conference

Steve has been at the PRCA National Conference today, fortunately for us, he’s been providing a running commentary on the nuggets of wisdom being dished out by the speakers.

Here’s his twitter stream for the day…

  • At @PRCA_UK conference bright and early for breakfast seminar
  • – The fabulous Bridgewater Hall, Manchester venue for @PRCA_UK conference today
  • Watch out @OrchardPR I’ll be bringing back Neil Backwith’s 9 point plan on things we forget
  • “Issuing statements is not a race in a crisis but social media is putting us under pressure” Donald Steel BBC
  • Crisis comms: Speed is the enemy of accuracy, but . . Donald Steel, BBC
  • Social media is an evolution not a revolution – Donald Steel, BBC comms chief
  • The pressure to be certain in today’s media is immense – Tom Kelly, Comms Director, FSA
  • Spin and hiding no longer work; we need humility and courage – Tom Kelly, FSA comms director
  • Demographics is dead – what matters is interests and behaviour – social media ideas lab
  • Social media will evolve through gaming sites, further domination by FB, being more integral across business and dedicated budgets
  • Manage your issues early and they won’t peak into a crisis – Andrew Griffin
  • Crisis management is much more than crisis comms – you cannot spin your way out of a crisis, Andrew Griffin
  • PR people need to understand SEO more, in order to advise clients – ideas lab
  • End of advertising hegemony – PR no longer an afterthought. “I pitched twice in a lift”, Martin Thomas
  • “Recession will be fantastic for PR – it’s forcing clients to really think about what they are doing” Martin Thomas
  • The PR industry bores for Britain on evaluation – Martin Thomas
  • Social media dramatises disconnection; you have one hr to respond to a negative blog and 6 mins to a negative tweet – Martin Thomas
  • Mark Hanson: Readers now challenge journos’ opinions and articles and get into convos with them
  • PR consultancies need to make more use of SEO experts – closing panellists agree
  • Sally Costerton: after 20 years of managing messages all this @twitter transparency is quite alarming

You can see more news from the conferences other delegates by checking out the hashtag #prcanc.

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