October 5, 2010

Public Relations in 2020 – roll up your sleeves!

Yesterday CIPR-approved trainer Dr Jon White visited Guernsey and Jersey to facilitate a debate among PR practitioners in the islands on The Future of Public Relations: Public Relations 2020.

Against a background of economic austerity, burgeoning social media and complex demands on practitioners, the groups used a form of scenario planning to anticipate the best, most likely and worst outcomes for PR as a practice over the next decade. And then, what do we need to do to help influence the best outcome?

There was no rocket science here, but it did make us sit down and think about the issues – many of them well-rehearsed whenever PRs get together (usually in a bar):

  • How can we get more comms people on company boards?
  • Will there ever be a universal and accepted method of evaluation?
  • How can we make our profession a Profession that is more valid and credible?

Arguably our professional institutions – the CIPR and PRCA – should lead the way on these things, but that will get nowhere if the grass roots practitioners don’t roll up their sleeves and engage – in other words do what we do for our employer or our clients for ourselves!

One thought that emerged which I did welcome is that good PR practitioners are less about knocking out press releases and more about complex problem solving. Let’s make sure our stakeholders know that.

Posted by Steve.

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