May 20, 2021

Time to communicate better – Orchard launches guide to financial services PR

Time to communicate better – Orchard launches guide to financial services PR

Orchard has launched a practical guide spelling out how financial services firms should be communicating in 2021.

Using information gathered from industry webinars and sessions throughout the first few months of 2021, combined with our communications expertise, we have compiled this essential guide explaining how to do financial services PR throughout the rest of this most extraordinary of years.

How to communicate now explores the new financial and social landscape – setting out the context for why now is the perfect time for financial services firms to be considering how, where, what and why they communicate.

The upheaval of the past 16 months has created a new society; familiar with new language and new norms, and with shifted priorities and perspectives. That means there’s a distinct opportunity for organisations to be thinking about how they reach their audiences, and with what corporate identity and messaging.

We reveal the three key themes for financial services PR for the rest of 2021, founded on real insight and market knowledge, before providing our recommendations for what you need to be doing right now to communicate in a world that is coming to terms with, and hoping to move on from, the pandemic.

In a world where everything has changed, it’s not enough to communicate the same things in the same old ways. The time is now to seize the opportunity to revolutionise your organisation, do things differently and stand out from the crowd. Get in touch to find out how your communications activity can be the key to unlocking your growth in 2021 and beyond.

For a copy of How to communicate now: Orchard’s guide to financial services PR in 2021 email Dan: [email protected]


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