November 9, 2010

Twitter gets results

There’s a difference between believing something works and knowing it works. I have been tweeting for only eight months and over that time it has worked for me, both in terms of information that I’ve picked up from my “followings” and business-related openings and opportunities that have arisen as a result of my tweets. But it was only last week that I experienced the true power and potential of Twitter.

From a PR point of view it demonstrated loud and clear that corporates are not taking social media for granted – they are really listening (sometimes)!

Last week I had a problem with Virgin Trains, whereby the counter staff at Euston were unable to issue me with a ticket I had booked online, causing me to miss my train and buy another ticket. In the past I would have had to take this up by letter or phone days after my business trip which would have been time-consuming and costly. But I tweeted @virgintrains about the situation and within minutes the company contacted me via Twitter and offered a remedy.

During the same trip I tweeted about my experience of check-in @premierinn from whom I had a reply thanking me for my feedback.

What a shame that @legolandwindsor didn’t do the same when I was one of thousands left aimless by a three-hour power failure there during half term week. I was tweeting throughout. Was there a response? Not a dickie bird!

Posted by Steve.

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