September 12, 2019

Use video to promote your business

Use video to promote your business

Want to know more about using video to promote your business? Perhaps you should speak to Mike Wilkins who has just joined Orchard as our new digital content director.

Mike hails most recently from the BBC, where he worked for more than 15 years. During his time there, he was responsible for filming and producing news reports from across the Channel Islands for the Corporation’s international TV channels as well as the BBC website. Prior to the BBC, Mike was a management consultant specialising in usability, working with clients in the IT industry.

Mike brings a wealth of communications experience and digital skills to Orchard and will be joining our senior team to develop and implement creative campaigns, with a particular focus on using video to connect businesses and organisations with their audiences.

Video will account for 80% of global internet traffic this year. With eight billion daily video views on Facebook and more than 1 billion YouTube users – video is beginning to dominate almost every social media platform. Consumers are overwhelmed with content which is why Orchard is focussing on creating engaging content for clients which cuts through noise.

Mike said:

I will be enhancing Orchard’s video and digital services. After many years working in radio, TV and online, I have seen first-hand how video can be a highly effective way of engaging with your target audience. A compelling story, told visually, is a powerful communication method.

It is an exciting time for the PR industry and Orchard PR and Mike joins as we continue to develop and grow our digital video services.

Brooke Kenyon, our managing director – client services said:

How people consume news has evolved and newsrooms are changing shape. Today all successful communication campaigns embrace digital content and we are seeing more demand from clients for video. It is not just about creating a single piece of content for distribution on a single channel; the most effective content has the ability to live in many different places in different formats. Mike’s skills will help ensure we are well positioned to meet and exceed our clients’ needs.

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