October 23, 2009

Yes, we’ve got a new brand!

Yes, we’ve got a new brand!

The feedback at our cider-fuelled launch party was that it’s fresh, innovative and clean.

But, after 13 years with our familiar old tree, the decision to axe it and put on a new suit of corporate clothes is much more than just vanity. When we started the rebranding exercise we suspected that we’d go for evolution; in fact we’ve gone for revolution and there’s good reasons for that too.

The brand reflects who we are today, the confidence we have in ourselves and in our clients and it’s about looking forward to a positive future. Plus, there’s still a tree in there somewhere if you use your imagination…

We’re excited about our future; we’re energised by the new people we’ve hired and by the new things that we’re doing for our clients. With the challenges that businesses face today, it’s never been more important to communicate well, to make some noise and STAND OUT! That’s what we’re telling our clients and, for once, we’ve listened to our own advice.

Posted by Steve

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