May 11, 2020

Case study – The future of the Guernsey workforce

Case study – The future of the Guernsey workforce


Leapfrog Recruitment Consultants is one of the leading companies offering a total HR solution in Guernsey. In a crowded and competitive marketplace, the company wanted help to define its offering and communicate the team’s commitment to ethical practices in a creative way, not only helping the business to stand out amongst its competitors, but also offering a genuine value exchange to its clients.



Orchard designed a bespoke messaging workshop with the whole Leapfrog team to help define the company’s vision, mission and key messages. When it came to communicating this with clients and candidates, it was vital that Leapfrog had a tool to concisely and creatively outline the team’s commitment to raising standards in the local recruitment industry.

Together, the teams created ‘The Leapfrog Code of Conduct’, giving both clients and candidates clear assurances about Leapfrog’s dedication to ethical recruitment practices. Working with their design agency, the Orchard team ensured the collateral was designed in an engaging way as an asset which would not only prove eye-catching, but would also be a helpful asset for the Leapfrog team to use in day-to-day interactions with clients and candidates alike.

Once completed, the code needed a creative platform to successfully launch to clients, prospective candidates and the general public. Orchard set the team’s creative minds to work, coming up with the idea to devise a survey, entitled ‘The Future of Guernsey’s workforce,’ asking questions such as; what would tempt islanders to apply for a new job? What skills do employees see as the most important for the future, and do people have any concerns that their jobs might be obsolete in the next decade?

The survey would not only create angles worthy of news coverage in local media, it would also create engaging content for Leapfrog’s website and social channels, crucially helping the agency to push up the SEO rankings in an industry where candidates are increasingly looking for new roles online. It would also provide genuinely helpful insight and collateral for Leapfrog’s clients about attitudes and trends in the jurisdiction, and open doors for new business conversations and potential networking events.

The survey was completed by more than 250 islanders and the results provided the media with a range of headlines and interesting local statistics, including the fact that 45% of working islanders would be in the market for a new job in 2020.

By offering commentary on the results, we created a platform for key Leapfrog staff to show their insight and thought leadership, including how the findings might impact the island’s recruitment landscape more widely, covering everything from benefits to flexible working, and management processes to digital transformation.



The results of the survey were released to media via a press release and infographic, alongside opportunities for media interviews. Key Leapfrog spokespeople featured in a full-page interview, dominating the Guernsey Press business page and an extensive interview was carried out on BBC Radio Guernsey.

Total reach across print, broadcast and digital media was 18,000, almost 30% of the island’s total population.

Across social media, a series of infographics were created to present the figures in a ‘bite size’ and sharable format, with 2,400 impressions across Leapfrog’s Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn channels. During the month of the campaign, Leapfrog’s website page views increased by nearly 15% compared to previous months. Website users (4.3%) and website sessions (3.7%) also increased.

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