October 22, 2009

A new look, and a new outlook…

A new look, and a new outlook…

Orchard is changing… To coincide with the fact that we are 13 years old now, we’ve decided to unveil a new look, a new logo and a new outlook on the world of PR, media relations and event management.

Our new brand replaces the apple tree that has been the company’s logo for more than a decade. It’s a bit more abstract but if you look closely, we’re sure you’ll see the roots of our identity in there.

However, we’re very clear that what is important to us is not just a shiny new logo, and a new look website, but that our new brand comes to reflect what we are about as a company.

We’ve recognised that the world of business has changed and that traditional press office activity is not enough for clients anymore. We have expertise within Orchard in media relations, social media, event experience design and many other things, and it is important for our outward appearance to reflect that.

So it’s not just a new logo, it’s a new method. We’re blogging for example, we now use twitter quite extensively to promote the way we do business and we’re engaging with new forms of media experiences to help our clients reach the audiences they need.

We’re having a party tonight to celebrate with our clients and a few media friends, we’ll let you know what they think of our new look tomorrow.

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