June 7, 2021

How to use digital content to reach your online audience

How to use digital content to reach your online audience

According to a report by the consultancy firm McKinsey, many successful organisations are embracing an approach where their physical strategy supports their digital activity rather than the other way around. Digital content now takes priority.

Digital content
As a BBC journalist for more than 15 years, I saw first-hand how organisations that provided our news desk with relevant video footage, images or audio would successfully increase their brand’s exposure. This trend is continuing; latest findings from a renowned global survey* of more than 2,700 journalists highlight just how important digital content is to the media:

Provide journalists with multimedia elements that bring your story to life. More than 1 in 5 journalists (22%) explicitly said they wish PR pros would include multimedia assets in their press releases.

* Cision 2021 Global State of the Media

Digital measurement
And the best thing about digital campaigns? Results are instant – we can analyse performance with real-time metrics. Briefed by a financial services client to deliver a video, we saw our content quickly gain fantastic traction online. In just a matter of days, more than a quarter of Guernsey’s population had seen the content with a significant engagement. The ability to measure and analyse the impact of digital campaigns, and demonstrate return on investment to the all-important Board shouldn’t be underestimated. Other tools such as data analysis and social listening are helping our clients reach the right target audience, whatever the message or discussion topics. We are also seeing the power of artificial intelligence taking data analysis to another level. This helps us to fine-tune client messages and tailor measurable campaigns.

Digital presence
Generating creative, relevant and regular content is critical in enabling businesses to protect and enhance their digital presence. At Orchard, we are communications experts who specialise in digital, social and PR. We have experience in producing engaging videos but digital content is so much more than this. Our digital branch produces, edits and hosts podcasts, facilitates webinars and provides reliable live-streaming services; meeting our clients’ digital needs, whatever they are.

So, your audience is predominately online – how are you going to use communications to reach them?

Mike talks to the Director of Digital Greenhouse, Lucy Kirby, about using technology and digital content to reach online audiences

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