June 24, 2010

Twitter in the Channel Islands reaches a tipping point

Twitter in the Channel Islands reaches a tipping point

It may be a global phenomenon, but in some ways Twitter has been a bit slow in catching on here in the Channel Islands. It is now starting to gain something of a critical mass, with key personalities in the islands taking up the service as a way of building brands and personalities. News outlets and the media have engaged, and breaking news now makes it to Twitter at the same time as it hits news stands and the airwaves. I’m now able to keep track of most local news via a few feeds, something that would have been impossible even a couple of years ago.

News breaking first on twitter will be the next step, and we reached a milestone of sorts today as well known and popular BBC Radio Guernsey presenter Gary Burgess announced on twitter that he was leaving the station.

Gary tweeted early this morning:

Some news from me: I’m leaving BBC Guernsey – final show is Fri 9 July. I’m taking a year out to fulfil a series of ambitions and projects


So it’s a tipping point of sorts: when the nearest thing the island has to a media celebrity is using Twitter to tell the island his plans it shows that it is becoming a useful communications tool, and something that we in the PR industry need to make sure our clients are paying more attention to.

Pinch of salt though: Twitter has not replaced traditional sources of Guernsey news just yet. The folks here at Orchard heard Gary’s news in the Television House car park a little while ago!

Posted by Chris.

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